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GRP Water Tanks

Water has always played an important role in sustenance of humanity, hence its safety for human consumption has to be of utmost importance. We at Al Harth have always given priority to produce the highest quality of water tanks. Our water tanks come with a three layer coating which gives the water tanks added strength and durability. The coatings are of GRP material and are made of high strength fibre material. The coatings also help in the eradication of any type of fungal or bacterial growth.


With over three decades of expertise in designing and manufacturing water tanks, we at Al Harth have harnessed the knowledge to manufacture water tanks best suited for our clients. Our water tanks lined with grp coating can withstand corrosion nearly twice the duration normal water tanks can. UAE has a harsh weather pattern and our water tanks are tested using multiple tests to ensure that they withstand the weather.


We do undertake the GRP lining for existing water tanks as well, we do multiple coatings and ensure they meet the required standards of safety. We can cater to your requirements within the UAE.

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