Pool Resurfacing

Pool Resurfacing

pool resurfacing

Pools are a good place to spend leisure time and it also adds aesthetic value to your property. Pool surfaces may be made out of concrete, vinyl, tile, stone or fiberglass. All types of pools become useless and dirty if left neglected. Fiberglass pools are more durable and require low maintenance compared to other types of pools, but even fiberglass pools may require resurfacing after a long time. 

All types of pools can be rejuvenated and fiberglass is the best material to resurface your pools due its superior qualities compared to other alternatives. Fiberglass is a popular choice for resurfacing owing To its flexibility and resistance to ground movements.

Steps involved in pool resurfacing

The pool is completely drained and the floor is sanded thoroughly. The floor is acid washed before applying the new coating and is left to dry. Acetone is applied to the surface to prevent the accumulation of any kind of dirt to the surface. Fire taping is done on the surface. Then a layer of Fiberglass mixed resin which possesses tough mechanical properties, chemical resistance and high adhesive strength is applied on the pool surface and a catalyst is added to speeden up the hardening process. Further layer of fiberglass resin coating is applied to get an extra strong surface with desired level of smoothness.

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