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GRP WaterTank Lamination before & after

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We firmly believe that grp lining has a strategic importance and has to be done to any surface that comes in contact with water. It eradicates the chances of fungal growth & corrosion.
UAE has given prime importance to water quality and safety, to ensure the well being of it’s citizens. We do first time lamination as well as repairs when necessary after inspection.

Why GRP?

Strength per unit weight of GRP is very high. Being a high strength fibre composite material it helps in structural strengthening of Water Tanks

GRP Lamination has high corrossion resistance and thus are used for low temperature corrossion resistant applications.


GRP lining layers


Sealing leaks and waterproofing are one of the important features of GRP Lamination. Because of its high waterproofing property GRP Lining is used in major pipilines, water tanks, chemical tanks sewerage, manhole etc.

GRP Water tank lamination

We at Al Harth Fiber Glass Works with more than three decades of expertise are confident of taking up any kind of Water Tank Lamination and complete the works with utmost perfection.

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We also manufacture GRP water tank

GRP Water tank
GRP Water tank
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