GRP Pipe Lamination & Repair

GRP Pipe Installation

grp pipe joint lamination and repair
fiber glass pipe joint lamination and repair
GRP pipe lamination – We meticulously set the glass fibers oriented in the desired direction, then place the fillers strategically. They are all wetted out with resin, then cured at optimum temperatures, we create an exceptionally strong and stable laminate for the pipes. The resin that is provided is an excellent protection against chemical corrosion.
fiber pipe joint lamination
GRP lamination of pipes are essential for their prolonged life, through lamination we can ensure these pipes last decades against the forces of nature. The vast clientele we have had over the years has helped us work in various projects with varying degrees of requirements. This has helped us to get the necessary expertise which can fulfill your requirements.
grp pipe lamination and repair
We ensure that the design and the project is undertaken after a thorough discussion with our clients. The clients are entitled to a low cost output once the project is completed thanks to our streamlining project deployment. This is an outcome of three decades of expertise, seldom do our competitors deliver a quality of work that we do.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, fiberglass lamination is an extremely safe option as it is 100 percent leak proof.

GRP lamination has a number of benefits like cost effectiveness, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, leak cocontrol, antifreeze property etc.

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