GRP Bath Tub

grp bath tub

As opposed to other bathtubs, fiberglass bathtubs do not require the extra effort and expense.They are also easy to carry and unload.

There is a wide variety of fiberglass bathtubs available at a variety of price points. When compared to ceramic or solid surfaces, fiberglass tubs are probably the most affordable option on the market.

If your fiberglass bath tub and shower tray are cracked, you don’t have to replace them.Many cracks can be repaired with a polyester resin kit.

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GRP Bath Tub FAQ

Are Fibreglass bath tubs good?

 Both acrylic and fiberglass are great options for tubs. If you want something more flexible, then fiberglass is the better option. Most tubs include fiberglass in the final product, fiberglass is one of the most important materials in tub sustainability.

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