Flume GRP shutter mold

GRP shutter moulds are an integral part of infrastructure development globally. Here in the UAE, we are the market leaders in it’s creation for the last three decades. Designing, manufacturing and installations of GRP shutters is an area where we have shown our expertise constantly.

GRP shutters are manufactured to be used for manholes, pillars and road barriers etc

The prime importance of GRP shutters is that they can be designed and manufactured to suit various sizes and shapes in accordance to client preferences.
They are cheap in comparison to their alternates and very cost effective. The cost of these products are dependent on it’s size which gives the clients multiple options in it’s creation.

For the past three decades we have undertaken multiple works in the GRP shutter segment in the UAE. This has helped us to have a better understanding in the aspects of design as well as the technical knowledge on what could be the ideal fit for our customers.

grp shuttering mould
fiber glass shuttering mould
grp shuttering mould
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