Fiberglass Water Slide Repair

Fiberglass Water Slide Repair

Water Slider Repair

A fiberglass water slide is an playing accessory that allows people to slide down a wet tube or tunnel into a pool. They are usually made from fiberglass due to the molding property of fiberglass which enables it to create curved and twisted structures. Fiberglass water slides are highly durable and cost effective with relatively low maintenance demand. A fiberglass water slide may develop cracks or holes over a long period of time demanding expert assistance. 

Fiberglass water slide repair procedure

  • The cracked area is sanded using 80 grit sandpaper and the sanded area is cleaned  using cloth dipped in acetone that prevents contaminants from attaching to the surface. 
  • Fiberglass fillers are applied on the damaged area and are made sure that the filler is smoothened to maximum. The surface is then allowed to dry for an hour or two
  • The repaired area is sanded using 100 grit sandpaper and is again cleaned using acetone soaked cloth. 
  • Catalyst mixed resin coat matching the colour of the slide is applied on top of the repaired area and left to dry. 
  • The surface is again sanded and is cleaned. 
  • In the final step a coat of fiberglass wax is applied to the repaired area and is left to dry.

Fiberglass repair works consist of the use of various chemicals which are harmful to the human body. So it is always advised to seek professional help if you need to repair any product using fiberglass. 

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