Fiberglass Jacuzzi Repair

Cracks may develop in your fiberglass Jacuzzi as a part of gradual deterioration and can lead to water leakage that will both damage the surface beneath the Jacuzzi and make the jacuzzi useless. You can repair a crack in your fiberglass jacuzzi by identifying the type of fiberglass material used in the Jacuzzi and then repairing the crack with the appropriate jacuzzi repair kit.

Steps involved in fiberglass jacuzzi or hot bath tub repair

The Jacuzzi surface is wiped off using a towel, grit sandpaper is used to remove any loose areas around the crack and the edges are feathered out. Some tape is put over the cracked surface so that a residue layer is formed on top of the cracked area. Holes are drilled at the end of each crack to stop it from spreading. The fiberglass resin is properly mixed with the hardener and is applied on top of the cracked surface. Fiberglass mat is put on top of which a layer of mixed resin is spread on top of it by using a brush and is left to harden for an hour. After an hour the fiberglass mat area is sanded and fiberglass fillers are applied on top of it and is allowed to harden providing an extra layer of protection. The hardened surface is again sanded and a smoothing putty is applied  to make the surface smooth. Primer is sprayed which may reveal any imperfections present and the final touch up is done by using spray paint. 

Fiberglass jacuzzi repair is a complicated process and it is best advised to be done by an expert professional. 

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