Fiberglass GRP Lining

Fiberglass GRP linings are reinforced plastic glass fibres produced by saturating glass fibre mat in unsaturated polyester resin. GRP linings are applied to protect different types of surfaces like steel,wood, concrete fiberglass etc. 

Benefits of GRP lining

  • High Strength
  • Chemical resistance
  • Electrical insulation
  • Fire resistance
  • Thermal insulation
  • Hygienic
  • Non- corrosive
  • Anti corrosive

How do you choose the right GRP lining service? 

Apart from the above mentioned benefits GRP lining acts as a strong protective layer for the surface you want to protect. Fiberglass GRP lining creates a smooth homogenous layer that acts as a strong protective layer on the surface.

When GRP lining is properly done, it lasts for a very long time reducing your overall maintenance expenses by keeping the interior and exterior surface intact. Resins used in the GRP lining process are highly inflammable and the vapors produced during the process may cause irritation of eyes, nose and throat. Excessive inhalation may cause dizziness, drowsiness or loss of consciousness. The catalyst used is also an inflammable material. You don’t need to worry about such risks when GRP lining is done by an expert company like Al Harth with three decades of experience. 

How do you select the right GRP lining supplier? 

A great company supplies materials which are of international quality. Al Harth is one such company which provides GRP lining supplies in the UAE meeting international test standards. 

The basic test types recommended for GRP materials are tensile, compression, shear, fatigue, creep, impact etc. All materials supplied by Al Harth have passed these standard test procedures. 

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