GRP Shutter Mold


Fiberglass is extensively used in the construction industry for making complex portions of
different structures. GRP shutter molds are an integral part of infrastructure development
globally and GRP shutters are manufactured to be used for various construction purposes.
GRP Molding
GRP molding is a method for forming complex and intricate structures using fiberglass resin.
There are a number of reasons for producing parts and components from fiberglass, but the most
compelling reasons are the cost of the materials, ease of production, durability, and reproduction.
Copies of a product can be made with fiberglass, which are made from a pattern and are exactly
similar to the final product. A wide range of materials are used to produce the pattern. The
pattern helps to include the finest refined details and most intricate designs.
Fiberglass molded parts are strong, sturdy, long lasting, and a cost-effective solution to
component production. Products produced using fiberglass molding can be completely finished
right out of the mold or have a surface that could be painted.
Applications of Fiberglass Shutter Molds
Fiberglass molding is an inexpensive method for the production of durable and lasting products
and parts. Aside from its cost effectiveness, fiberglass is stronger and sturdier than certain
metals, non-conductive, can be formed into intricate and complex shapes, and is chemical inert.
Fiberglass molds are used in a variety of industries.
Architectural Design: Fiberglass shutters are used to build customized architectural
designs like arched tops, panel cutouts etc. Premium shutter molds are custom
manufactured and meticulously hand assembled to meet the highest quality standards of
historical and architectural authenticity.
Manhole: GRP shutter molds designed for manholes are simple to assemble,
pre-formed with steel shutters to assist with pouring of concrete manhole surrounds. They
are designed for use as a temporary shutter when casting a concrete surround around
precast concrete manhole rings.
Pillars: GRP shutter molds are used for pillars and can be round, square, cylindrical etc.
according to the requirement.
Road Barrier: GRP shutter molds are commonly used as road barriers because they can
be easily transported and placed wherever required.
Bridge Structure Support: GRP shutter molds are useful in bridge construction
because they come in robust constructed finish so as to provide for long lasting and stable
usage support. These are easy to install and can be customized as per the specific
demands of the customers.
The shuttering has been designed specially for quick and easy shuttering/de-shuttering
methods. Some of the features include modular and robust construction, capability to
handle larger sizes for different structural designs, offering for flexible usage.

● Make Wooden Pattern with Formica finishing with plunge 390 x 110 x 95cm
● Make Fiberglass Mold
● Making Piece –

STEP 1 Cleaning the mold.

STEP 2 Apply mold releasing wax

STEP 3 Apply 1st coat of gel coat in White color

STEP 4 After drying apply 2 coals

STEP 5 Apply surface tissue.

STEP 6 After drying apply 1 Layer 450 GM2 CS MAT

STEP 7 After drying apply 2 and 3 Layer 450 GM2 CS MAT

STEP 8 After drying apply 4, 5 and 65 Layer 450 GM2 CS MAT

STEP 9 After curing fix 3x 1.5-inch MS Tube with filling

STEP 10 Top, bottom & Center MS tube fixing

STEP 11 3 x 3 inch wood cross section fixing (30 cm gap)

STEP 12 Fixing the lifting hooks at 4 comers

STEP 13 Wood and steel fixing after 2 layer of fiberglass application

STEP 14 Final application 2 coats of Gel Coat Gray color

Benefits of GRP Shutter Molds
● They are light in weight and can be easily handled.
● They can be used to make complex shaped structures.
● Good resistance against harsh weather conditions.
● They are highly durable.
● They can be reused
● They are cost efficient compared to steel.
GRP shutter molds play a crucial role in infrastructure development globally. Al-Harth
is the market leader in the production of GRP shutter molds in the UAE and we are
always committed to provide the best fiberglass products to our clients.

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