watertank lamination


A water tank stores water for various purposes like drinking, irrigation, fire suppression,
chemical manufacturing, food preparation as well as many other uses.Tanks deteriorate over
time regardless of the materials used to build the tank and they experience a number of
problems like rusting, cracks, vulnerability to extreme temperature, reaction to chemicals etc.

Water tanks can be made of concrete, polyethylene, fiberglass or steel and as they are
expensive, you are always advised to seek professional help for the maintenance of tank leaks
and its repair services. Fiberglass is an effective material for repairing water tanks, it has an
extra edge over other materials.

When water tanks show signs of degradation then fiberglass lamination is recommended and
the benefit of fiberglass lamination can be easily illustrated for a water tank. Over its lifetime, the walls of a water tank degrade and accumulate debris and other kinds of biological and non-
biological contaminants. Rather than acquiring a new water tank, you could save a lot of money by using fiberglass lamination which could increase the tank’s lifetime by 10-20 years.

Process involved in fiberglass lamination of water tanks
The process of fiberglass coating to the water tank is initiated after assuring that the existing
concrete is dry and any weak or loose debris has been sandblasted . First step involves
applying a primer which is a resin based adhesive that is applied in a thin layer to create a
strong bond between fiberglass laminate and concrete. Second step involves applying a glass
fiber mat surface before mixing the resin with a suitable amount of catalyst and the mixture
needs to be mixed until a slight color change is visible which indicates that a chemical reaction
has taken place . Then the resin is ready for application and a power drill tube with an impeller
is used to mix large containers. The resin catalyst mixture is applied on the fiber mat area
ensuring that enough resin is applied to remove any excess air from the mixture. Then glass
fiber laminate is consolidated using a metal paddle roller which is designed to remove excess
air and resin creating uniform substrate. Once the fiberglass laminate has cured a blend of
colored resin topcoat is then mixed with catalyst following the aforementioned process to
disperse it across the surface providing sufficient coverage for allowing it to cure.

Advantages of fiberglass lamination of water tanks
Corrosion resistance: Fiberglass is resistant to acids, bases, oxidizing agents, metal salts,
reducing gasses and sulfur gasses which makes fiberglass lamination a perfect material for
corrosion resistance.

Heat resistance: Fiberglass laminate consisting of polyester resin reinforced with fiberglass mat
base have good thermal properties and are best suited for countries like the UAE where
temperature can rise above 50 ° C.

Age resistance: Fiberglass lamination gives the client a better return over time by increasing the
lifespan of water tanks.

Non polluting: The non-corrosive nature of fiberglass helps it to be non-polluting to the
environment and keeps the stored water clean.

Antifreeze: Fiberglass has strong antifreeze properties which is the reason why fiberglass
is apt for cold conditions.

Chemical resistance: Fiberglass lamination is resistant to a broad range of chemicals and will
not rust or corrode like metals or rot like wood. This inherent durability makes fiberglass
lamination to last longer than other traditional materials in a variety of settings.

Best leakage control: Fiberglass lamination is highly efficient in leak control

High strength material
Despite its lightweight GRP is extremely strong and GRP is better than traditional materials in
strength tests, making it a long lasting material.

Fiberglass lamination is definitely the best option to repair water tanks with a number of
advantages giving it an upper hand over other alternatives.
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