In the present day world, GRP technology plays a major role in the drain cleaning and
plumbing industry. The technical advancements in fiberglass production provide countless
options for contractors to complete stronger and more durable GRP lining to protect sewerage
systems. GRP lining is ideal for non-circular structural relining as it can significantly improve
their strength. Modern sewerage systems are embracing GRP technology due to its superior
Benefits of GRP sewerage maintenance
Leakage protection: GRP lining has good sealing efficiency that can efficiently deal
with anaerobic degradation. It makes GRP the best choice for leakage protection.
Pollution free: GRP lining done using high quality fiberglass ensures that sewage
doesn’t pollute the surface water.
Corrosion resistance: Sewer pH values can be very low making it extremely acidic. The
build-up of sulphuric acid rapidly attacks concrete and any steel pipes. GRP can
withstand the low pH-value of biogenic sulfuric acid, which is commonly found in
wastewater systems. Fiberglass is resistant to acid and alkali making it an anti corrosive
High Strength: High compressive strength of fiberglass protects the sewerage system
from damage. The compressive strength of GRP sewerage systems is higher than that of
other sewerage systems.
Minimum maintenance: GRP sewerage systems require minimum maintenance
compared to other sewerage systems.
Ease of cleaning: GRP sewerage systems are easier to clean and are compatible with
water jet cleaning.
Increased flow rate: GRP sewerage systems are resistant to slime build-up. Smooth
internal surface of GRP pipes resists the build-up of slime and increases flow rates even
when pipes are
Structural stability: Pipes and tanks with GRP coating exhibit properties like low
coefficient of thermal expansion,
resistance to heavy soil loads, seismic
activities, and structural settlements.

Al-Harth Fiberglass is a well renowned name in the fiberglass industry with an experience of
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places where sewage treatment is required. Our team of dedicated employees have innovative
solutions to your sewage problems. We help you solve your
problems and overcome your challenges to provide longterm, sustainable performance.

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