fiber glass swimming pool

Why Fibre Glass Swimming Pools are better

A fiberglass pool is made from a reinforced fiberglass shell, covered in protective gel coats. The shell is manufactured off-site and installed at the required site

Low Maintenance

If you are worried about the maintenance of your pool, then a fiberglass pool should definitely be your first choice. Unlike some other types of pools it does not have a reaction with chemicals used to sanitize the pool. Impenetrable surface of fiberglass pools resists algae growth which means there would not be a need for scrubbing time and acid washing. 

High Durability

Fiberglass pools have high durability. High quality fiberglass pools have the perfect interior and exterior material to last decades with minimum maintenance involved.

Smooth surface

The impenetrable surface of the fiberglass pool with gel coat provides the right amount of smoothness. The smooth surface doesn’t make it slippery, instead it is slip resistant. Concerns about injuries can be relieved completely. 

Algae resistant

Algae is a major issue for other types of swimming pools. But the non-porous surface of fiberglass pools make it algae resistant. Algae free means less likely to use chemicals and reduced need for scrubbing, pumping and filtering of the pool. 

Low chance of resurfacing

There is a high probability for a fiberglass pool’s gel coat to last a lifetime and in cases where resurfacing is required, the need only arises after nearly two decades.

Strong and flexible

The strength and flexibility of fiberglass pools helps it to reduce wear and tear of the pool. 

Reduce lifetime costs

High durability of fiberglass pools saves a lot of money in the long run. Compared to other types of pools, money spent on  cleaning the pool and resurfacing the pool can be saved. 

Fast installation

Fiberglass pools can be fully built and installed at your home in a few days. Such fast installation is impossible for concrete pools. 

Increases resale value

Fiberglass pool is a great asset  and it always increases the resale value of your property. 

Improve aesthetic value

Completely built fiberglass pools are pleasing to the eyes. It makes these pools a good option to spend your leisure time. 

Environment friendly

The reduced use of pollutants like chemicals which is mainly used by other types of pools is non-existent in fibreglass pools and helps in conservation of the environment. 

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