Best GRP Lining Service in Abu Dhabi

Where do you Find the Best GRP Lining Services?

GRP linings or coatings provide great benefits to surfaces and structures and are widely used in several industries. GRP lining provides waterproofing, chemical resistance, abrasion and erosion resistance. They are also well known for safeguarding structures or surfaces from physical impact and stress, making them suitable  to a huge range of applications. F

Common Applications of GRP Linings

  • GRP lining is applied to protect the internal contents of a structure (such as water in a storage tank) from leaking or getting contaminated by external pollutants. 
  • GRP lining or coating include waterproofing for roofs, walls and floors of shower rooms, wetrooms, spray-down rooms, and other storage rooms. 
  • Another common use of GRP lining is to prevent leakage of chemical tanks. 
  • Fibreglass lining is done over other materials to make it water proof.

GRP lining performs as a high-performance waterproofing barrier and offers protection from liquids and other external stressors like abrasion, impact, UV solar, vegetative growth and aggressive chemicals. A major benefit of fibreglass is that it can be coated in a variety of topcoat resins that makes way for a non-slip grit, flame retardants, etc. 

GRP Lining Procedure

  • The surface must be cleaned dried and made uniform without any excessively rough or sharp edges prior to fibreglass lining. 
  • Precautions are taken to ensure that a safe working environment is created. 
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is used. 
  • The surface is dried and made free from sharp edges and an optimum. level of roughness is maintained. Mild abrading may be done to maintain adequate roughness and to remove sharp edges. 
  • Dust/ debris are removed from the surface. 
  • All source of moisture is allowed to dry before sanding/ abrading. 
  • Jet washing may be used to remove contaminated dirt, grease, chemical staining, vegetative growth, etc. Je
  • Holes on the surface that are greater than an inch diameter are repaired by welding metal plates over them and patched by putty. The moisture level is checked cith moisture meter, to make sure an ideal moisture level is maintained. 
  • The surface  is usually sand blasted to a near white colour. 
  • Epoxy resin is applied over metal and concrete surfaces to increase bonding between the GRP material and the surface. 
  • All areas to be lined with fiberglsss mat and polyester or vinyl ester resin are specified.The best GRP lining service providers use high quality fiberglass materials as reinforcement layer. The resin are applied with special grooved roller and brushes in order to minimize pin holes and air pockets.
  • A proper corrosion barrier is applied after GRP lamination. 

Al- Harth Fiberglass is a leading GRP lining service provider in the UAE who stick to standard GRP lining procedure. We ensure that all safety precations are taken during the GRP lining ptocedure and provide a flawless service to our clients.

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