Fiberglass Waterslider


Fiberglass is a key material used in all water theme parks. Chlorinated water used in water theme parks is highly corrosive, and the non-corrosive character of fiberglass makes it a top priority material in water theme parks.

 Maintenance of a waterpark is a mammoth task that involves a lot of hard work. There are many wear and tear components inside a water theme park that have the potential to cause health hazards. Fiberglass is a suitable material to nullify such microbial challenges. 

Most waterparks extensively use structural fiberglass and composites throughout the water theme park. Fiberglass is applied in various areas like stands, pools from slides, changing rooms, etc. 

Why is fiberglass preferred in water theme parks? 

1)Heavy Load Capacity

Fiberglass products can hold heavy loads, making them a perfect material for creating pavilion decks, trench grates, and stairs. 

2)Cost Effectiveness

Fiberglass products like water slides and pools used in water theme parks are highly durable and cost-effective with relatively low maintenance demand. Fiberglass products can be installed at a faster rate compared to other alternative materials. 

3)Corrosion Resistance

Fiberglass is better than other materials used in waterparks because it doesn’t get damaged by corrosives such as chlorine, salt water systems, and acids. Fiberglass doesn’t get stained by algae buildups like iron or galvanized steel. Waterparks are constantly exposed to sunlight, and fiberglass products used in waterparks help overcome high temperatures, increasing fiberglass products’ lifespan. 


 In a water theme park where customers constantly get soaked in water, the non-conductive nature of fiberglass is highly crucial. Fiberglass products help to prevent fire and electric shock hazards in a water theme park.

5)Anti-Slip Properties

Wood decks and ramps can become hazardous from water or algae in shady or damp conditions. Fiberglass decks create instant non-slip safety for wet and slippery wood decking. These Fiberglass Anti Slip Decking Strips work on more than just wood, though. They also work on concrete, brick, stone, and metal. They can even be cut to size to work on steps or bleachers.

Fiberglass grating can come in a smooth finish or have special surface textures built-in during production. Grit textures are ideal for waterparks where water and bare feet can create a fall hazard due to slipping. The grit size can be adjusted based on applications such as coarse, which is aggressive for gripping shoes. It can also be done in a fine grit selection that offers the same safety but is gentle on bare feet.


Working with fiberglass is easy because individual pieces can be shaped and assembled at the warehouse under controlled conditions and then transported onto the site in an almost finished form. Occasionally, no special tools or welding are required on-site when working with fiberglass.

7)Structural Support

Fiberglass supports the creation of a wide variety of strong and aesthetically pleasing structures. The majority of waterpark attractions, such as slides, are made from fiberglass for this very reason. 

Waterparks cannot increase their attendance without providing quality attractions at an affordable ticket price. In order to increase their revenue, they resort to fiberglass, which helps to cut their maintenance costs. A waterpark with no unique rides such as extreme slides, cascades, and good picnic and leisure areas will fail to attract people. Providing these features using traditional materials will increase their budget. So waterparks use fiberglass to build items like waterparks, cascades, pavilions, picnic tables, tanning decks, locker rooms, access towers, etc. 

Al-Harth Fiberglass has been in the fiberglass industry for a very long time and has provided high-quality fiberglass products and services to waterparks in the UAE. 

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