The increased demand for recreational facilities drives the demand for swimming pools that adds
a leisure space and enhances the visual appeal of your home.

Fibreglass pools are trending nowadays due to their superior qualities over other types of pools.
The fiberglass pool is made using a single piece of the pool shell and coated with gel for
protection. Shells are made off-site and fitted at the required location.

Advantages of Fiberglass Pools

Fiberglass pools offer an extensive range of plus points over conventional concrete or vinyl

Relatively faster installation

Fiberglass pools can be completely built and installed at any desired location.

High Durability

Fiberglass pools are well built, are less likely to get damaged, and are long-lasting. High-quality
fiberglass materials used are less prone to damage, and the cost that arises for maintenance is
minimal. You can use your stunning pools for years because they have seamless algae free
surfaces that last for a long time.

Low Maintenance

Fiberglass swimming pools are becoming the first choice due to low maintenance requirements.
The gel coat application makes the pool smooth and long-lasting. Fiberglass offers an even,
glassy surface with a less porous surface. It can also make the pools immune to algae, making
them less maintenance-intensive and longer-lasting.
Algae growth is usual in concrete pools with lots of crevices. Customers with fiberglass pools
claim to have fewer maintenance issues.

The low potential of resurfacing

A fibreglass pool‘s gel coat makes it last a lifetime. When resurfacing is necessary, it often takes
place after almost 20 years.

Improved Aesthetics

Fiberglass pools give an attractive look. Pools are an excellent place to spend your leisure time
with loved ones.

Increases resale value

A swimming pool is a good investment that will continue to offer extended benefits. A fiberglass
is an asset that raises the resale value of a property. When considering the low maintenance,
fiberglass pools ultimately cost little to own over their extended lifetime.
All vinyl liners have to be changed eventually. There is no liner for fibreglass pools, though.
Owners of fibreglass pools are happy not to spend this significant expense.

Environment Friendly

Reduced usage of pollution-causing chemicals in fibreglass pools helps in environmental
protection, while concrete pools recommend acid washes.
As a customer you want assurance that the product you purchase will be long-lasting and

At Al-Harth, we provide high-quality fiberglass pools suitable for our customers. Our knowledge
and expertise have helped us to position ourselves as a leader in the GRP sector and GRP-related
services in the UAE

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