Glass reinforced plastic (GRP) technology, which uses fiber reinforced filled thermoset resin to
create products that address common sewer problems, are applied successfully throughout the
world. GRP technology helps planners and designers looking for alternative solutions when
faced with the challenge of repairing large or irregularly shaped sewers and aging manholes.
A lot of money is involved in sewer upgradation and to repair the sewer using conventional
methods would be expensive, disruptive and require blockade of the area. Instead, repairing the
critical sections of the sewer using glass reinforced plastic (GRP) panels is a better option.
Sewer repair products made using GRP technology can be pieced together to repair large sewers
of multiple shapes and sizes. GRP panels are custom-made to fit the host sewer and these panels
can be used to arrange bends, and accommodate changes in sewer geometry that comes with
aging of sewers. They can also be applied to sewers of various shapes and sizes.
GRP technology enables to create structural solutions for sewers of different shapes
and sizes. Composed of thermoset resin, fillers and fiberglass reinforcement, products made with
the GRP makes it possible to create a strong composite that layers several different materials in
a single production process. The resulting material is durable enough to increase the life of a
sewer or manhole upto 100 years.
GRP technology has also been used as a perfect solution for deteriorating manholes made of
concrete, brick or other materials. Manhole maintenance using GRP consists of thermoset
resins, fillers and fiberglass reinforcement. These materials produce a high-strength composite
that offers superior corrosion and chemical resistance.
Original water tightness and flow capacity of the sewer can be brought back by repairing the
sewer with GRP and it will restore the initial capacity of the sewer without affecting the
environment.GRP technology shows great potential as an affordable alternative to be used in
sewerage problems. GRP has the ability to maintain the structural integrity of large and
irregularly shaped sewers and manholes and GRP technology is a safe option in tackling some
of the most challenging sewer issues.

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