Fiberglass/GRP linings are reinforced plastic glass fibers produced by saturating glass fiber mat in unsaturated polyester resin. GRP linings are applied to protect different types of surfaces like steel,wood, concrete fiberglass etc. 

Chemistry of GRP Production 

● Glass fiber mat is saturated using polyester resin varieties. 

● Air gaps between glass fibers are enclosed. 

● A malleable composite that can be used to make moulds of different shapes is prepared. It can also be applied on different kinds of surfaces. 

● Resin is cured using a suitable catalyst. 

● Long-chain unsaturated polyester resin molecules consist of double bonds (ethylenic groups) and ester groups. 

● When blended with glass fibre mat, the composite is moldable for 10 – 60 minutes depending on ingredients and conditions. 

● Curing makes the resin solid and strong, but still possesses a good level of flexibility. 

● Glass fiber mat provides the right amount of structural stability. 

Standard Procedures for GRP Lining 

1. Surface preparation:

 The surface required to be coated with GRP lining is cleaned and prepared for GRP lining. High-pressure grit blasting is applied to make the surface ready to be GRP lined. This procedure will remove any trace of corrosion, scale and process residues. 

2. Application of the primer:

Primer is applied to enhance adhesion between the glass fibre lining and the substrate. The primer helps to fill in micropores offering a strong bond between the surface and the GRP lining

3. Application of GRP lining:

Resin-saturated catalyzed glass fiber mat is applied on top of the surface using a paddle roller. This particular layer is around 5 mm thickness. Additional layers are added to fill gaps and maintain consistency. 

4.Application of final layer:

 The application of a final layer leaves a hard, impermeable, seamless outer surface after curing. 

5. Anti-slip touch:

 Anti-slip finishing is done where the surface is used for walking. 

Qualities of raw materials used for GRP lining 

● New stock materials of the best quality are used 

● Defective materials are completely rejected. 

● Materials are only approved after quality tests completed by experts. Viny 

● Fiberglass used are of international standard. 

● Surface tissues shall also comply with one of the following standards. 

i. BS EN 14020-1, BS EN 14020-2 and BS EN 14020-3 for rovings. 

ii. BS 3396 for woven fabric. 

iii. BS EN 14118-1, BS EN 14118-2 and BS EN 14118-3 for chopped strand mat. 

● Fiberglass used is certified corrosion resistant by engineers. 

● Roving size is expected to be below 2400 Tex. 

● Chopped strand mat shall not exceed 450g/m2 

● Only hygienic sand aggregate is used for non-slip surfaces. 

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