GRP Characteristics

Characteristics of GRP

What is GRP and what are its benefits?

GRP is the short form of Glass Reinforced Plastics. It is made of synthetic resin as the prime basic material and usage of glass fibre or other reinforced material. They are moulded into a singular material, unsaturated polyester resin, phenolic resin and epoxide resin. GRP products are known for their strong and extremely light and versatile properties. GRP products are used in a wide variety of platforms in multiple industries. This technology has been used in various fields from the last one century. There are multiple forming processes used in the GRP industry, bladder moulding, compression moulding, mandrel wrapping are few of the methods.The main advantages of GRP is that it can be used to design a plethora of products, due to this, GRP products have found itself part of many industries from aviation to automobiles to sporting. 

Characteristics of GRP

High corrosion resistance

One major property of GRP is the corrosion resistance it offers which increases its durability and gives an upper hand over other alternatives. 


Even though GRP has light weight properties there is no compromise on the strength of the material. GRP has the highest strength to weight ratio. Technically advanced formulations of GRP helps to surpass traditional materials

Light weight 

The light weight property of GRP reduces transportation charges significantly. It also cuts down cost associated with the usage of heavy lifting equipments

Thermal insulation

The non-conductive nature of GRP makes it a safe material to be used in sites which are vulnerable to electric hazards. 

Low maintenance

GRP is highly durable and it requires less maintenance. It does not face much wear and tear.

High life expectancy

Products made of GRP have a high life expectancy. On an average such products last for more than 20 years. 


This property of GRP helps in easy fabrication. It aids in the customization of designs

GRP Products

GRP can be used to make water tanks, waste bins, ladders, car parking , pipes etc,. GRP has revolutionised the industrial sector like never before. The growing demand of GRP products is an apt representation of its importance. As more research is done in this field of GRP, we can see more technological advancements and more range of products coming into being.

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