grp pipe lamination

Advantages of Fiberglass ( GRP) Pipe Lamination

Fiberglass pipe is made from glass fiber reinforcements embedded in, or surrounded by cured
thermosetting resin. Fiberglass pipes were invented in the late 1940’s. Fiberglass pipe is most
commonly used in the oil industry. Fiberglass laminates are made using glass fiber cloth as the
reinforcing materials impregnated with polymer resin matrix (such as epoxy resin, polyester
resin, unsaturated polyester resin, silicon resin and bismaleimide resin etc.) by hot pressing
Why is fiberglass lamination preferred?
Corrosion resistance : Fiberglass can resist corrosion caused by materials such as acid, alkali, salt
and other media and the erosion of untreated sewage, corrosive soil, chemical wastewater and
many chemical liquids can be prevented.
Heat resistance : This property of fiberglass is one of its major highlights, it enables its use in a
wide range of temperatures from low to high. These factors have made fiberglass pipe
an important necessity for projects undertaken in the UAE.
Age resistance : UV absorbent added to the outer surface of the pipeline removes UV radiation.
It helps to delay the process of aging of the pipeline, this ensures that investment in fiberglass
gives the client a better return over time.
Non polluting : The non-corrosive nature of fiberglass helps it to be non-polluting to the
environment. That makes it a perfect material to store materials like water medicine,
milk etc. It is one of the most sustainable materials due to such properties and its lengthy
Antifreeze : GRP glass has strong antifreeze properties. They can withstand upto -40°C. So
fiberglass pipe lamination is suitable in cold weather and in projects that cater to extreme cold
Chemical resistance : This is one of the primary reasons for the use of fiberglass lamination at
places where fuel is stored. It ensures safety in the storage of chemicals.
Best leakage control: Fiberglass lamination is the best way to avoid leakage in pipes. It provides
100 percent leakage control. This ensures added protection and durability of the pipes.

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