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Our team has been indulged in the GRP works industry for over 3 decades and it has helped us gather valuable expertise in every sphere of this industry.


Our team has been doing GRP work for quite many years and hence have a high level of expertise


Our team is focused on constantly improving the quality and on delivering the best service to our clients

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We are a quality focused organization and a market leader in the GRP industry within UAE. We have been in providing services in this industry for over three decades. Which has helped us to gain greater reputation within this industry by fulfilling the expectations and needs of our clients.

We have been indulged in this industry for over three decades and we constantly strive to improve the quality of our works by providing a great customer service. Our products are exported to the various middle eastern countries. We have rendered our services to the government institutions as well as other prominent private companies.

We offer GRP water tank solutions, GRP Pipe Lamination, GRP Waterproofing, and Water Tank Relining and Manufacturing customized GRP products

We have a professionaly trained team for all kinds of GRP Work

Work trusted by clients from Government and Private Firms

We have earned a high-quality reputation in the market for exceeding the expectation of our clients


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I am happy with the products and deal I got from the company.
Jishnu Jc
Very good service. Friendly staff and excellent work.
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Fast service and good quality work.
Working with Al Harth has been an exceptional experience. The skill and Finesse in their work is very evident
From Al Ain

Frequently Asked Questions

Fiberglass is a form of glass made when glass is drawn into extremely fine fibers . These fibers
retain the tensile strength of glass and still remain very flexible. The most commonly used raw
material for fiberglass is quartz which is a form of silica which is the main component of sand.
Quartz is resistant to a vast majority of chemicals and can be extracted easily in the molten stage
. Molten glass from which fiberglass is made is forced through a platinum plate with small
openings. The fine fibers that emerge are combined without being twisted and spread on an apt
spindle. Mats of fiberglass are made from short fibers that diverge in a variety of directions.
These fibers are combined together with a thermosetting resin and a strong type of glue.

Fiberglass materials are sampled a number of times in the production process to maintain quality.
They are tested at different stages of production. They are tested before mixing to be fed to the
electric melter. The molten glass, glass fibers and final cured product at the end of the
production are tested to check the quality of the product. The bulk glass and fiber samples are
analyzed for chemical composition and the presence of mistakes are studied using chemical
analyzers and microscopes. Size distribution of the batch material is obtained by passing the
material through a number of different sized sieves. The final product is measured for thickness
after packaging according to specifications and the difference in thickness indicates the
deterioration in quality. A wide range of standardized test procedures are applied to optimize
product features like fiber diameter, bulk density, thickness etc.

The fiberglass market is expected to grow by 20 percent from 2020 to 2025. Factors such as
extensive use of fiberglass in the construction & infrastructure industry and the increased use of
fiberglass composites in the automotive industry is driving the growth of the fiberglass market.
Fiberglass is a high quality material for making modern, professional, and commercially viable
products because it is strong, durable, extreme weather resistant etc
Fiberglass can also be molded into any shape, so it is perfect for creating custom designs and due
to it’s lightweight property it is transportation friendly.

Fiberglass is manufactured from a mixture of silica and other materials such as recycled glass.
This mixture is heated and extruded into fine strands. These strands are then collected into
bundles called roving fiberglass which can either be used to create into a product or be woven
into fabrics to suit other applications. These fabrics include chopped mat unidirectional as well
as woven. There are a variety of manufacturing techniques in the production of fiberglass
products.The most common forms include pultrusion, gun roving, filament winding, molding etc.

Fiberglass and fiberglass-reinforced resin materials are manufactured into useful shapes by
coating several layers of fiberglass which are laid down inside the mold and bound with resin.A
polyester resin is brushed on to bind the layers of fiberglass to form an extremely strong and
smooth surface with the desired thickness.
Al Harth is one of the leading players in the fiberglass market. Al Harth has manufactured a
number of fiberglass products and completed several fiberglass service projects successfully.

A GRP company provide a number of services like 

  • GRP water tank lamination
  • GRP swimming pool repair & amination
  • GRP pipe installation
  • Sewerage repair and lamination
  • Underground water tank lamination
  • Fiberglass roof maintenance
  • Fiberglass jacuzzi repair
  • Fiberglass water slide repair
  • Fiberglass boat repair
  • Pool resurfacing

You have options for coating a deteriorating fiberglass roof using different materials. The coat is sprayed on and sanded down once cured or is applied with a rolling brush over a suitable primer. In all cases, it is best advised to seek professional help to ensure proper installation.

Yes, it is possible to fix your fiberglass canopy. An expert professional can repair your fiberglass canopy and give it a brand new 

Yes, it is possible to patch up fiberglass. The process of fiberglass patchup involves the use of various chemicals and it is advised to seek professional help. 

Fiberglass lamination is the best option to repair hulls. Fiberglass is a lightweight and corrosion-resistant material that meets the design requirements and is highly reliable. 

Composite materials like Glass-reinforced polymers (GRP) have been extensively used in the marine industry to overcome corrosion.

There are a wide range of GRP lining applications like
  • GRP water tank repair
  • GRP swimming pool repair 
  • GRP pipe installation
  • Sewerage repair 
  • Underground water tank repair
  • Fiberglass roof maintenance
  • Fiberglass jacuzzi repair
  • Fiberglass water slide repair
  • Fiberglass boat repair
  • Pool resurfacing
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